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OUT September 13, 2016 | DEISON – Any Time Now [mfu/c 009 | L!CD 09]

out on September 13 2016 | Manyfeetunder/Concrete and Loud ! | mfu/c 009 – L!CD09

Deison “Any Time Now”

limited edition// cd-r digipack// 100 copies

pre order : https://manyfeetunderconcrete.bandcamp.com/alb…/any-time-now

mastered by James Plotkin
cd artwork and video teaser by Andrea Maioli [Kanaka project]

Recorded and mixed in the last 3 years “Any Time Now” is the new solo studio work by Deison after several colla- borative projects (with Mingle, Maurizio Bianchi, Uggeri, Favaron); the record is focused on small sounds, interfe- rences and long slow-moving drones captured to explore the perception of time. It’s a dirty electronica to suggest a different listening, any time…now!

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