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LATEST CONCRETE RELEASE Stefano De Ponti | Eleonora Pellegrini / Physis
LATEST HOMEMADE RELEASE Chelidon Frame / Granularities vol. 2

With more than 120 releases in 4 years, Manyfeetunder is a musical production project that melts elements of the ambient music and electro acoustic experimentations with noise intrusions and improvised textures, addressing more attention to the sound than to the composition method.


OUT JANUARY 23 / Matteo Uggeri & Luca Bergero - Words Delicate Flight

Words Delicate Flight Banner
Luca Bergero: drones, noises and glitches.
Matteo Uggeri: treatments, field recordings, objects and mixing.
Cello on 1 and 4 by Andrea Serrapiglio;
sax on 2 by Luca Serrapiglio;
acoustic guitar on 5 by My Dear Killer;
glockenspiel on 5 by ONQ.

Assembled, mixed and finalized in the short time range between November 2012 and the following January.
Mastered in 2013 by Ian Hawgood.
This record is meant to be listened by headphones.
Pictures by Adriano Zanni.
Artwork by Kanaka.
produced by Manyfeetunder/Concrete & Grainofsound [mfu/c015 & gos35]
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Manyfeetunder is an independent label located in southern Italy, which addresses its attention more to sound and its unpredictable outcomes than to the compositive method itself.

Founded in 2013, MFU homemade label founds its philosophy on the homemade concept intended as the possibility to build autonomously, and without too many  artifices, a musical productive space, leaving full independence to the artists involved.

In January 2015, MFU launches a section dedicated to physical releases: manyfeetunder/concrete.

The core of the Concrete project is the double meaning of “concrete”: from one hand, the aesthetic choice that bounds the MFU physical productions to the concrete music in its contemporary evolution; from the other, the need to give concreteness to a ferment that often can’t find a space to express itself in a such crowded and complex world. From here, the idea to give life to an independent production where all the realization phases are guided by the creativity and the competence of the energies involved in the project.


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